-The Matcha Basics-

matcha in usucha bowl

What is matcha?

-matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan(tencha tea plant).

Difference between culinary and ceremonial grades?

-Culinary grade is ideal for baking and cooking while ceremonial grade is the best of the best. Ceremonial grade is ideal for drinking (without the need for sugar and cream).This is because ceremonial blends are made using only the youngest baby tea leaves making the taste wholesome and flavorful.

What are the main benefits of matcha?

  • Caffeine- a standard serving is 2 grams(70 mg of caffeine) compared to a standard cup of coffee(100- 120mg of caffeine).

  • l-theanine- is the magical amino-acid in matcha responsible for creating alpha waves(the mind and body are relaxed but the level of focus is maintained).

  • Antioxidants-Did you know there's an actual unit of measurement for antioxidants? it's called the oxygen radical absorbance capacity , Matcha's level is 1,440( more than four times the amount found in goji berries and dark chocolate).

Where is Avidan Matcha selection imported from?

-we import our matcha powders from Kyoto, Japan!

Is Avidan Matcha selection organic?

-yes, our matcha selection is JAS and USDA organic.

Why should I drink matcha?

-matcha is unlike any other tea out there! Plant-based energy, antioxidants, l-theanine, and countless health benefits. It's a thriving  millennium old tradition!